Veaura brings you the latest Rubelli collection, which awakens your interiors with a vast choice of furnishing fabrics and a world of possibilities to help you transform your home. Rubelli, internationally renowned for its top-end furnishing fabrics, is reputed to be the best in the world with a fine selection of super luxury fabrics and wallpapers that come in both classical and contemporary designs.

The Rubelli collection traverses a promising road from the old Europe to the new Asia, across the seas and deserts, inspired by the rich embroideries from Darjeeling and armoured patterns from Samarkand that are woven to illustrate the growing power of the east and the way it will influence western decoration.

Bringing an innovative spirit to tradition, suffusing Rubelli’s Venetian origins with exoticism, a discreetly colourful and wonderful palette of life illuminates the past with the light of the present. The distinctive skill of creative composition delivers a masterful sensual modernity that is at times nuanced and sober, at times boldly eccentric; these textiles exemplify the power of fabric to stir memory and to incite our imagination to create other worlds.

Textural effects, micro structures, surfaces and colour: the Armani/Casa Exclusive Textiles by Rubelli collection combines the vast assortment of basic and decorative fabrics.


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